Split heat pipe pressurized system 

for water heating

Scope of delivery:

  • Tank,
  • aluminum bracket,
  • heat pipe collector.

Installation types:

  • Pitched roof, flat roof

Advantages and benefits:

  • Easy installation, low maintenance cost and good looking appearance
  • The water tank and bracket can be matched with both flat and pitched type bracket
  • Building-integrated solar water heating application with a flexible tank system

Performance characteristics:

  •  Fast system starting, high energy yield and low heat loss
  •  High-quality stainless steel in the inner tank to continuously maintain a good water quality.
  • Inner tank is suitable for high pressure conditions
Series PS 150L PS 300L
Rated operating pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Tank weight 38kg 64kg
Insulation of tank Polyurethane/47.5mm Polyurethane/47.5mm
Material inner tank Stainless steel SUS304-2B Stainless steel SUS304-2B
Diameter/thickness inner tank φ385/1.2mm φ385/1.2mm
Material outer tank Slivery gray wiredrawing painted steel Slivery gray wiredrawing painted steel
Diameter/thickness outer tank φ480/0.4mm φ480/0.4mm
Type of collector R58-1818 R58-1818×2
Collector weight 58kg 116kg
No. of heat pipe 18 36
Bracket material Galvanized sheet Galvanized sheet
Bracket inclination 30° 30°
Bracket weight 20kg 32kg
Electric heating 1500W 1500W
TP valve Temp./Pressure 85°C / 0.6Mpa 85°C / 0.6Mpa