Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater       

for water heating

Scope of delivery:

  • Tank,
  • aluminum bracket,
  • vacuum tubes with heat pipes.

Installation types:

  • Flat roof, pitched roof.

Advantages and benefits:

• Easy installation and low maintenance cost
• High-quality inner tank to continuously maintain a good water quality
• Stable operating without tube scaling or pipe explosion risk. 

Performance characteristics: 

• Fast system starting, high energy yield and low heat loss
• Stong capability of antifreeze that is available for applications in low temperature area
• Pressurized system operating which is suitable for different installation methods

Series HP 100L HP 200L HP 300L
Rated operating pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 300L
Tank weight 34kg 54kg 74kg
Insulation of tank Polyurethane/47.5 Polyurethane/47.5 Polyurethane/47.5
Material inner tank Stainless steel SUS304-2B Stainless steel SUS304-2B Painted steel/ stainless steel
Diameter/thickness inner tank φ385/1.2mm φ385/1.2mm φ385/1.2mm
Material outer tank White painted steel White painted steel Painted steel
Diameter/thickness outer tank φ480/0.4mm φ480/0.4mm φ480/0.4mm
Type of tube φ58×1800mm heat pipe φ58×1800mm heat pipe φ58×1800mm heat pipe
Tube No. 10 20 30
Bracket material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Bracket inclination 30° 30° 30°
Bracket weight 7kg 11kg 13kg
Electric heating 1500W 1500W 1500W
TP valve Temp./Pressure 85°C / 0.6Mpa 85°C / 0.6Mpa 85°C / 0.6Mpa