CPC 1506

Evacuated tube collector with CPC-reflector – 6 evacuated tubes
for water, space and process heating, series connection

  • Pipe material: Copper

    Scope of delivery: Fully pre-assembled unit comprising

    • Evacuated tubes based on the thermos flask principle
    • Manifold with direct flow heat conduction unit and dry tube connection
    • CPC-reflector

    Collectors are packed in individual boxes. In addition, there is a sun protection sheet over the evacuated tubes.

    Installation types:

    • On-roof installation 
    • Flat roof / wall installation

    The manifold must always be mounted on top. The minimum angle for on-roof and flat roof installation

Series   CPC1506
No. of Evacuated Tubes   6
η (Aperture), DIN 4757-4 or EN 12975 % 64.2
c1 with wind, in relation to aperture W/(m²k) 0.89
c2 with wind, in relation to aperture W/(m²k²) 0.001
Yield forecast kWh/m²a 651
(location Würzburg, Germany, reference area 3m²)    
Yield forecast kWh/m²a 589
(location Würzburg, Germany, reference area 5m²)    
Grid dimensions (length x height x depth) m 0.70 x 1.64 x 0.1
Gross surface area 1.15
Aperture area 1.0
Collector contents l 0.8
Weight kg 19
Max. working overpressure bar 10
Max. stagnation temperature °C 345
Connection diameter, clamping ring mm 15
Sensor sleeve mm 6
Collector material   AI / Cu / glass / Silicone / PBT / EPDM / TE
Glass tube material   Borosilicate glass 3.3
Selective absorber coating material   Aluminium nitride
Glass tube (Ø ext./Ø int./wall thckn./tube lgth.) mm 47/37/1.6/1500
Colour (aluminium frame profile, anodised)   Aluminium grey
Colour (plastic parts)   Black
Testing report No. ITW test 17COL1383