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Large Scale Update Systems

  • The large scale update system is a solution, to support an existing hot water system with free solar energy. From the first day, energy and costs can be saved.

  • Applications
    The large scale update system can be added to existing systems to provide hot water for different use:

         Central hot water system in apartment buildings,
         Industrial pre-heating,
         Hotels ,laundries and restaurants,
         Sport areas.

    The large scale update system uses evacuated tube collectors CPC to gain solar thermal energy in the collector area. The collector loop is forced by a pump and connected to a heat exchanger. With in the collector loop, the system uses low-flow technology, to ensure high collector temperatures. The secondary loop of the heat exchanger can be connected to any kind of applications.

    The size and performance of the update system, depends on following criteria:

         Daily hot water demand,
         Solar irradiation conditions,
         Orientation and angle of installation,
         The expectations for the solar fraction by the user,
         The quality and type of the existing system.