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Household Systems

  • Depending on the customers requirements, LYDETCO Plc, can provide two different types of solar water heaters for house hold purpose:

  • Non pressurized system
    The solar water heater is the traditional thermosiphon collector system. Storage tank and evacuated tubes are installed as one unit on the roof of the building, with the tubes connected on the storage tank on top.

  • Specifications

  • Pressurized System
    Solar Pressurized Water Heater H2O Series

    The Pressurized water heater has two concentric tanks.The inner tank is known as enameled tank and it is used to hold the daily use pressurized water.

    The outer tank is made of stainless steel and it is used to hold the heating fluid (water).

    The small filling tank on the top of the heater is used for refilling the heater transfer fluid (water).

Pressurized domestic hot water systems

The domestic hot water system is an active two loop system, because it uses a pump with a controller to circulate the fluid in the system. Storage tank and collector are separate. While the collector is integrated in to the roof of the building, the tank and the solar center with controller are installed in the building.

The main components of a domestic hot water system are:

CPC collector,
Solar center with pump and expansion tank,
Controller with sensors,
Tubes and insulation,
Connectors for the tubes.

Domestic hot water systems can provide hot water for 2 to 10 people, while the size of tank and collector area depends on the individual requirement of the customer and climate data at the place of installation.