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Automatic Bagging Machines

  • These machines weigh, fill and close the bag in a single line automatically. The high performance full automatic bagging machine answers every need of the industry for rationalization and economy. A complete production line can be designed covering weighing, packing, weight checking, distributing and palletizing.

    The machine is specifically designed for powdery products. Unlike net weighing, product is being weighed as it flows into the bag via load cells attached to the bag support mechanism. This design provides a compact, low profile design with limited required head room.

  • 3CM-3G Automatic Bagging Machine

  • The machines are used to pack powder, flour, coffee, oil seeds, wheat, grain and other similar products in Kraft paper bag, paper cloth bag, PP/PE woven cloth bag (inner laminated).

    The products can be feed to the bagging making through one of the following feeder applications available for this type of machine:

  • 3CM-52N Automatic Bagging Machine

  • Vertical screw / auger

  • Horizontal large and small screw

  • Gravity cut-off gate

  • Vibratory


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Automatic Bagging Machines